Solutions and Services



The world of maritime transport is constantly evolving and the risks faced by the companies involved are often outpacing the solutions offered on the insurance market.


• Shipowners shifting the responsibility in case of piracy
• New and ever changing banking rules requiring traders to adapt their insurance cover to ensure there is no risk to their goods or trades
• Charterers facing the constant fluctuations in the shipping markets
• Etc…


And time waits for no man….


In partnership with creative and dynamic insurers, we keep up with the ever changing insurance landscape and attempt to remain one step ahead.



Our solutions cover the classical insurance requirements for which our knowledge and experience is invaluable.


  Trading Solutions
  Shipping Solutions
  Liability Solutions

The value that we add is also seen in the creation of insurance policies created uniquely for the requirements of each client and fully adapted to their particular situation. Many factors are essential to achieve these results including a fully understanding of your business and the structure of your company.


  Tailor Made Insurance Policies
  International Insurance Programs
  Technical Outsourcing

We are able to offer services and solutions that we put at your disposal are only achievable due to the high quality of claim handling and prompt claim settlement which our claims team take such pride in.


  Complete Claim Handling
  Individualised Reporting
  Audit and Training